From guidance and advice to complete construction

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seeks to offer full and flexible support to the school timetabling process, from guidance and advice to complete construction of the timetable on the school's behalf if necessary.

Rushing around a school

For many years we have professionally trained and supported schools in Nova T and the basic arts of timetabling. As practising timetablers we are very experienced in the use of Nova T (including T4, M&C and T6) for scheduling Secondary School timetables, including 11-16, 11-18, Consortia schools and the Independent sector.

We could help you in the following ways:

  • supplement the available skills and knowledge that are in your school currently
  • increase expertise of your school staff through support
  • reduce risk of mistakes being made and key processes incorrectly completed
  • encourage a re-appraisal of your curriculum structures and the approach to timetabling
  • help your school maximise the use of the software
  • give you specific advice at various critical stages of the timetabling process both in structural and software terms
  • give new timetablers the confidence to 'go it alone' next year

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